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Eaton Compressor Unveils Polar Air “Artic-Green” Refrigerated Air Dryers

Eaton Compressor now offers a compressed air dryer that is setting new industry standards of energy efficiency and ecological responsibility, all while achieving the highest levels of quality, performance, and design. This new “Arctic-Green” air dryer is the perfect choice for those who need to remove moisture from air in industrial settings and beyond.


Eaton Compressor has been operating for decades under the principles of expert workmanship, unmatched quality, and stellar customer service. This latest offering joins a long, proud tradition of world-class products.


Eaton Compressor has taken every pain to ensure that this is a top of the line air dryer. Featuring a modular design with removable side panels, the “Arctic-Green” air dryers demonstrates Eaton’s commitment to convenience and ease of use. A True-Green Energy Saver, this compressor was built to not only consume less energy than comparable machines but also to be of higher efficiency.


Eaton Compressor has incorporated a progressive multi-function heat exchanger with special filters and separators that ensure maximum moisture removal. By keeping consistent dew point control and incorporating an electronic timer drain, the “Arctic-Green” dryer is one of the best on the market.


Eaton Compressor knows how important it is to keep up with the rising standard in ecological responsibility, and it is proud to provide one of the most efficient compressors on the market while maintaining the highest standards of quality and workmanship. There is no reason that companies and consumers should have to make a choice between environmental responsibility and the quality of the products they buy. At Eaton Compressor, we are proud to provide the best of both worlds.


Eaton Compressor invites you to call 877-283-7614 to speak to a sales representative who can tell you more about our new “Arctic-Green” refrigerated air dryer. Don’t settle for anything less than the best total value ! Call today.

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